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Network Ability - Internet Systems Consultancy

We provide the following services:

Networking Network Ability has extensive experience in dealing with all types of IP networking but specialises in high-end ISP networking. We can design and build fault-tolerant IP and IPv6 based networks, using the latest in routing and QoS technologies, to guarantee that your data will arrive securely and reliably.
Unix Systems Specialising in Solaris, Linux and FreeBSD, Network Ability utilises Open-Source, commercial and bespoke software to provide its customers with reliable and secure systems. We can design and install WWW, email, DNS and VPN servers using the latest in open standards technologies for your benefit.

NameDropper NameDropper is Network Ability's web-based DNS management system. Written using the Mason embedded perl system, it provides a simple-to-use but powerful interface for safely managing your DNS zones. Features include full rollback to previous versions, automatic modifications, fully sanity-checked zone files and much, much more. We also have an on-line demonstration to let you check it out.
NetAbility::BIND NetAbility::BIND is an object-oriented perl method library which provides a programming API for manipulating BIND configuration and zone files. It is used as the basis for the NameDropper DNS management package, but is also designed to be used as a general purpose BIND management library.
Rcs::Agent The Rcs::Agent perl module is a fully object-oriented perl programming interface to RCS, the Revision Control System used on many Unix based systems. This module is published under an Open Source license and can be downloaded from CPAN, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network.